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Independence month discounts

For immediate release :- We an India based Hosting and Cloud Computing start-up, aim to help all our peers with equal ambitions and energy to strive and succeed. Hitherto it was only the large media houses and venture backed startups that could do snappy websites using expensive low latency data center facilities in India. We […]

It will happen, it will happen in our lifetimes

India’s first barcamp was practically a turning point for the startup scene in the country or atleast it appears so to yours truly. was practically ideated by participating folks at the venue. Geobeats was looking for technology driven co-founders here. It was truly exciting to be amongst all these folks and many more […]

Why Latency matters in India?

Loading…Frustrated on seeing this? The large visible delays in loading a website are really irritating. In this fast paced world, your web visitors don’t want to wait for long for your website to load. A few major causes of latency are discussed here. One of the main reason for latency is the physical distance of […]

Is your webhost really in India ? How it affects your site speed

Is your website target audience in India ? If 70% or more of your web traffic is from India this for you. Why should it matter ? If your site is hosted in US have you noticed the long delay before your webpages start appearing on the browser. While some of the other big media […]

Demystifying latency in webpage requests

Since the advent of the Internet and the World Wide Web (www) in the last century, till today there have been trillions and trillions of Internet page requests made across the world. However, webmasters feel all the more curious to know how actually a webpage request is being served on their user’s computer and to […]